CP 5:Diazo based Emulsion

Shebro - India

For Water based & Plastisol inks

Description : Direct emulsion with diazo sensitizer for water base, plastisol and some solvent Ink For Fine line/resolution. Shoots fast with high resolution, extremely durable, yet easily Reclaimable. Suitable for Textile and Ceramics.

Pre-Sensitized Shelf Life : 1 Year 

Colour :  Blue  

Packing : 900gms/4.5kgs

Packing : 900gms+3gms Daizo / 4.5kgs+15gms Daizo

Solid Content : 38%

Std Packing : 9 units (for 900gms)

Std Packing : 4 units (for 4.5kgs)

Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS