Image Mate DZ343 : Diazo Based Emulsion

Chromaline - U.S.A

For Plastisol inks

Discription : Photoemulsion intended for use with plastisol inks only. This high-quality, yet economical emulsion reaches exposure speeds of many dual cure systems. Its high viscosity won't sag in low mesh counts yet Its rheology behavior Allows high stencil Buildup with minimal coatings.

Colour : Violet

Packing : 900gms+2.8gms Diazo / 3600gms+11.2gms Diazo

Solid Content : 43%

Std Packing : 9/18 units (for 900gms)

Std Packing : 9/18 units (for 3.6gms)

Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS Technical Data Sheet TDS