Sublimation Paper (100 GSM)
Sublimation paper size

Types Of Packing
(A3, A4, 24″X100mtr, 36″X100mtr, 62″X100mtr, 126″X100mtr)


The sublimation transfer paper is used as the carrier to output the image onto the substrate. To obtain the perfect image, the carrier used shall hold the image well and can release the ink easily. The product we offer has been tested for many times. It is proved that it can be used together with most inkjet printing systems like Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, Ricoh, etc. The sublimation transfer paper can output the image onto cups, flags and other objects made of fabric, ceramic, metal, and some others.


Fast drying and optimal ink release. Compatible with most inkjet printers. Perfect color performance. The output rate is as high as 93%. The product we offer is produced in different sizes and lengths. You can find the exact product suitable for you.